Must Know Rules to Sell Your Luxury Watch

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Must Know Rules to Sell Your Luxury Watch

The pre-owned luxury watch market is projected to grow over £17 billion. Is it the right time for the watch enthusiasts who wants to sell off a piece from their collection or inheritance and get good value?

The second hand online market has lots of options which has made it easy for the interested sellers. At the same time, buyers have become more cautious while buying luxury pieces. So, it has become a challenge to sell or buy a pre-owned watch.

One can achieve this feat by simply following the cardinal rules for selling a luxury watch. That is what this article is about. All the information you receive here is going to act as a catalyst to ensure you timeless timepiece sells for a worthy figure:

Keep the originals intact

Whether you plan to sell off your luxury watch or not, the first thing you must do is keep its papers, accessories, additional spare parts, warranty card, proof of purchase and servicing and packaging are intact. Having all these items in the selling package ensures the buyer the product under introspection is 100% correct.

It has been noticed that the watches that are sold with the packaging and proof of purchase tend to sell for 15-20% better offers.

The process of selling the pre-owned luxury watches can be shortened if you pay special attention to the online marketplace you choose to sell your watch.

Maintain the list of watch identification numbers

Whenever a watch buyer contacts you, he will ask for the model and the make. Ensure you have both the details handy. The model number of a watch helps a buyer to identify its authenticity from the brand manufacturer. Another number which is much more important than the important is the watch’s serial number. Every luxury watch has a unique identification number associated with it. If this task is done, you will never have to compromise with the offer.

Well-Conditioned and Repaired

The most important and not to be ignored aspect of your watch are its condition and repairs. The foremost aspect is that the watch must be in working condition and must have minimum scratches. The leather band must be intact or the metal strap must not be faded.

If your watch is not in good condition on the above parameters, make sure either you get it fixed or let the intended buyer know about it’s condition. Hiding the flaws may land you into losing the buyers trust or you may end up receiving peanuts for your treasured timepiece.

Detailed Pictures of the Watch

While you are selling the watch online, it is the image that sells first. Make sure you take detailed pictures of the timepiece so that the buyer can determine the condition of the watch.

The front, the side, the back, and the packaging details must be clicked. The strap and dial condition must be clearly visible in the images.


To conclude

The process of selling the pre-owned luxury watches can be shortened if you pay special attention to the online marketplace you choose to sell your watch. Many reputed marketplaces list a pre-owned watch only when it is in good condition and gain the trust of both buyer and seller. Such a marketplace ensures you do not fall victim to fake buyers and get paid the best price for your cherished collection.