Are luxury watches a good investment

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Are luxury watches a good investment


We get asked many times, which is the best brand to buy?


Rolex Patek Philippe Audemars Piguet A. Lange & Söhne
Submariner Calatrava Royal Oak

1815 Chronograph

Deepsea Grand Complications Jules Audemars

1815 Rattrapante Ewiger Kalender


Like with all things it can come down to supply and demand. Rolex, amongst other top brands are master at this, mainly because the time pieces take so long to make. At this moment it time Rolex sports watches are in very high demand and many people in the United Kingdom are having to wait several years to own such a watch.

There really isn't a right answer, we've always said as long as you can afford the purchase and you enjoy how it makes you feel, then go for it.