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Selling your luxury time piece can be a daunting task, we know because we have been in your situation. A bunch of watch enthusiasts got together and thought there has to be a better, safer and more efficient way and the Luxury Watch Trader™ method was born.  We partnership with some of the leading experts in fraud and stolen watch detection and all watches have to be checked before they can be sold on this market place. You don’t need to send your watch away or paid large commission fees, just a simple straight forward payment process.

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Buying or selling your watch at Luxury Watch Trader™ helps keep the process as safe as possible. All verified watches have been gone through rigours checks by our partners to ensure your watch hasn’t been lost or stolen.  You can also use our escrow service which ensures the transaction of the buying and selling process goes a smooth as possible.


Buying or selling your watch on Luxury Watch Trader™ is an effective way to market your watch because, well, thats all we do.  The only products you will find on our website are luxury watches, luxury watches and more luxury watches.  You will have the opportunity to add lots of photos of your watch and write a clear and honest description.


Using Luxury Watch Trader™ can be one of the most efficient ways to sell your luxury watch.  Our prices are low enough to allow anyone to have the opportunity to sell their luxury watch for its true value, you don’t have the worry of sending your watch off to different countries to be sold or lengthly contracts with large commissions. 


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